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Blue Shine Hand Cream


Rejuvenate your hands every day with DERSIA BLUE SHINE HAND CREAM with its moisturizing anti-spots treatment.

Rejuvenate your hands every day with DERSIA BLUE SHINE HAND CREAM with its moisturizing anti-spots treatment.

Blue Shine Hand Cream’s formula includes some of the best ingredients available in nature, as well as a high percentage of Blue Spirulina algae. It provides intense deep hydration to the hands while preventing the appearance of spots on the skin.

This hand cream with Spirulina algae extract provides active hand care, smoothens, protects and nourishes your hand’s skin. Its formula is rich in vitamin E, which fights against spots and strengthens your nails.

Our formula includes Spirulina algae, shea butter and sweet almond oil. Our unique formula hydrates and firms the skin by increasing the levels of elastic fibres and thanks to hyaluronic acid. It also improves and restores skin firmness and elasticity. Dersia Blue Shine Hand Cream reduces the appearance of thin skin by improving its texture and providing intensive hydration.

You will fall in love with Dersia Blue Shine Hand Cream’s light texture and delicious fragrance with emotional and cosmetic benefits. Its fragrance is based on oral and palmarosa essential oils. They will fill you with energy, make you feel rejuvenated, illuminate and regenerate your skin. It will become your great beauty ally for your hands.


  • Spirulina platensis:

    The Spirulina platensis microalgae contain a high percentage of proteins and minerals (especially Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium). It acts as a moisturizer, remineralizer and firming while bringing nourishment and skin elasticity. Spirulina provides very positive effects on the cosmetic level, such as the inhibition effect on the tyrosinase, hyaluronidase and collagenase enzymes, which cause skin ageing. It also prevents cell oxidation.

  • Bio Shea Butter: 

    Shea Butter has moisturizing and nourishing properties, which improves skin elasticity. It also has healing and antioxidant properties. Besides, it protects the skin against external conditions.

  • Sweet almond oil:

    Sweet almond oil is very rich in vitamins A, B and E. It has a high concentration of essential fatty acids, which are needed for cell development in the epidermis. It is moisturizing and emollient, as well as it soothes the skin. It prevents flaccidity and prevents against stretch mark formation.

    100ml aluminium container

Dersia Blue Shine Hand Cream’s continued use will allow you to boast about your softer, hydrated hands spot-free. Your hands will look splendid and youthful.
Apply Dersia Blue Shine Hand Cream as many times as you need through a gentle hand massage. It is a soft emulsion that will penetrate quickly, leaving your hands with a feeling of well-being that accompanies you all day. Dersia is a results-oriented cosmetics brands. All the firm’s products are developed by our own’s laboratories of Neoalgae in Asturias. We combine cutting-edge technology and respect for the environment. Our specialised team of scientists carry out the controlled process of microalgae cultivation that complies with the highest sanitary and regulatory standards. All Dersia’s products are available to buy through multichannel platforms with a greater presence in perfume shops. All Dersia’s formulas are multivitamin, vegan and organic microalgae-based. Dersia is certified with the most prestigious official institutions: V-LABEL (vegan seal) Bio Inspecta (BIO-VidaSana standard for natural and organic cosmetics).


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