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Certified marine cosmetics


The company works for all the young, dynamic women who dare to change the world. They are passionate, sports-lover, respectful to the environment, and conscious of the benefits of healthy nutrition and the use of certified natural cosmetics. They use organic, natural, cruelty-free and vegan products without parabens, dyes or petroleum derivatives.
The Dersia women share our values and are highly conscious of protecting the environment and aware of responsible consumption. We believe in taking care of the planet.

Dersia was born from her passion for the sea and the respect for nature’s resources. We aim to honestly take care of the beauty of eco-active women, and we adapt to her cosmopolitan and all-terrain lifestyle. 

Dersia is a certified natural cosmetics firm with BIO ingredients on its formulas. It is a young and accessible firm that explores the sea beds to create exceptionally and unique formulations that are rich in the best active ingredients and respectful with your skin.

 Dersia’s great effectiveness stems from the high concentration of Spirulina. Spirulina is a unicellular microalga capable of inhibiting the passage of time in your skin, and it is present in all our products. It delays skin ageing, reduces acne side effects in the skin, blurs spots, and prevents premature wrinkles. Dersia makes your skin look healthy, young and full of energy.  

Sustenaibility & ecodesign
  • We commit to the environment by the non-use of secondary packaging, reducing the use of resources and with fair product prices.

  • We only use aluminium containers that provide total product isolation, ensuring the inalterability of the ingredients and keeping the product in perfect conditions of use for longer.

  • In line with our values, the product range is available in three options: 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml, which allows to significantly reduce the production costs and using unnecessary resources.

  • At DERSIA, we are firmly committed to the circular economy, which is, and will be, essential in the transition towards a net-zero emissions economy and the improvement of the environment.

  • All our products are 100% recyclable, ensuring that they have zero environmental impact.

  • serum dersia piel seca

    Blue Countdown Serum

    Facial Care 14,95 Add to basket

    Be irresistible beautiful with Blue Countdown Serum – the global beauty anti-ageing solution capable of stopping the ageing skin process.

  • crema facial para pieles secas de Dersia

    Blue Essence Facial Cream Dry Skin

    Facial Care 9,95 Add to basket

    Reshape and nourish intensely with BLUE ESSENCE FACIAL CREAM FOR DRY SKIN, with Extreme Comfort effect.

  • crema facial para pieles normales y mixtas de dersia

    Blue Essence Facial Cream Normal Skin

    Facial Care 9,95 Add to basket

    Inhibit the passage of time with BLUE ESSENCE FACIAL CREAM for normal and mixed skin, with a Radiant Skin effect.

  • serum para piel normal Dersia

    Blue Hyaluronic Serum

    Facial Care 14,95 Add to basket

    Blue Hyaluronic Serum, with Spirulina algae, is the perfect ally for youthful skin by smoothing and reducing the appearance of facial imperfections.

  • limpiador facial Dersia

    Blue Marine Facial Cleanser

    Facial Care 9,95 Add to basket

    Remove all the skin blemishes with BLUE MARINE FACIAL CLEANSER with peach and jojoba oil for effective cleansing.


  • Crema corporal Dersia

    Blue Radiant Body Cream

    Body care 9,95 Add to basket

    The Blue Radiant Body Cream, with Blue Spirulina extract, is a comprehensive treatment against skin flaccidity for a perfectly moisturised and firm silhouette.

  • crema de manos con spirulina dersia

    Blue Shine Hand Cream

    Hand Cream 8,45 Add to basket

    Rejuvenate your hands every day with DERSIA BLUE SHINE HAND CREAM with its moisturizing anti-spots treatment.

  • Sale!

    Marine Beauty Ritual

    Sets 24,95 Add to basket

    Marine Beauty Ritual is the complete beauty set. It includes a facial cream of your choice, a body cream, and a hand cream with Blue Spirulina. The package will also bring you a surprise gift.

  • Sale! ritual de belleza marina para pieles secas de Dersia

    Marine Regenerative Ritual

    Sets 29,95 Add to basket

    Feel the regenerating power of the sea with Dersia’s Marine Regenerative Ritual for dry skin, restoring skin’s radiance.

Dersia: the effective preventive and anti-ageing solution with a high concentration of active ingredients for young skins.

Regardless of age, ageing of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles is one of the biggest concerns of women. If we manage to keep the skin healthy and firm, we will preserve its youthful appearance for longer. Under this premise, Dersia explores the sea beds to create exceptionally unique formulations that are rich in the best active ingredients. Dersia’s great effectiveness stems from the high concentration of active ingredients and Spirulina. Spirulina is a unicellular-microalgae capable of inhibiting the passage of time in your skin, and it is present in all our products.


Laboratories Neoalgae is an expert in microalgae research. It has a highly specialized laboratory dedicated to the study of microscopic organism. Its highly qualified personnel cultivate and extract all the active ingredients from the Spirulina microalgae. Spirulina is a cyanobacterium that stands out for its high concentration in phycocyanin. Phycocyanin is a protein naturally present in the Spirulina with the highest antioxidant capacity that nature offers us.


Laboratories Neoalgae maximizes the concentration of phycocyanin by shading the crop at different times during the year. In doing so, we ensure that the Spirulina oils present in the entire products range of Dersia have an outstanding ratio and quality of phycocyanin, creating a product line of high quality certified natural cosmetics. We have become an advanced skincare specialist laboratory for the prevention and anti-ageing of the skin.

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