Dersia: The cosmetics that came from the sea

17 de November de 2020

“It´s not just about cosmetics” we repeated to ourselves while we were working on Dersia’s creation. We believed it had to be something else. Our first objective was to develop a natural based-ingredients cosmetic brand. The second objective aimed to create a community of active people, who seek to take care of themselves most sustainably and naturally possible. And where the price would not be an obstacle.

Young people are increasing the demand for natural cosmetics, and we had the tools to provide it based on Spirulina. The result? A top-tier natural cosmetic at an affordable price. 

Dersia is born with four products two facial creams, a body cream, and a hands cream. They are all designed to satisfy the most important needs for your skin-care treatments.

There are two facial creams. The Blue Essence Facial Dry Cream meets the needs for dry skin, while the Blue Essence Facial Cream Normal Skin is designed for the needs for normal to mixed skins. Its formula is based on Spirulina, which is cultivated within Neoalgae´s facilities exclusively for us and acts as a moisturizer, antioxidant, and firming. It also includes ingredients of high value in natural cosmetics, such as Asiatic Centella, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Oil and Witch Hazel extracts.

Spirulina is also the main ingredient for the formula for the body lotion, Dersia Blue Radiant Body Cream, and the hands cream, Blue Shine Hand Cream. By adding Almond Oil and Shea Butter to their formulas, these creams also become highly moisturizing and antioxidant. 

All the ingredients of Dersia are exclusive since we use in-house technology from Neoalgae´s facilities. We are responsible for the quality of the products and the raw materials for our formulas. We feel proud of the brand we are building together with you, based on sustainability and natural care values, and developing a range of cosmetics that works.

We have achieved our first objective. Now let´s go for the second.

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